Institutions Under Siege

Having read “Hendricken administrator arrested on indecent solicitation charge” in the Providence Journal, I think I’d have written the headline somewhat differently. This sounds most newsworthy as a success story. The relevant information comes in paragraphs seven through ten of the fourteen-paragraph piece:

Sheldon had been placed on paid administrative leave from the school last month because of allegations of a “breach of professional conduct,” Brother Thomas R. Leto, school president, said at that time.
The action was taken, Brother Leto said then, after he had been made aware that Sheldon may have taken some inappropriate actions on the Internet.
Brother Leto said that he and the school principal were directed to a Web site, where they saw Sheldon’s picture. They decided to immediately place him on leave.
School officials then contacted the Diocese of Providence, who referred the matter to the state police. Bishop Hendricken High School, an all-male Catholic school run by the Christian Brothers, is affiliated with the diocese.

Look, on a human level, people who incline a certain way will be drawn toward environments that stoke their inclinations. On a spiritual level, evil will be relentless in its attempted infiltration of that which points toward the divine. The important question, on either level, is whether the institution manages to stop potential threats before they manifest.
We must be wary of the opposing tendency, however, which is to trample over justice and charity toward those whom we suspect in our rush to be safe. In this instance, it looks as if the balance was properly struck.

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Dust in the Light
19 years ago

Institutions Under Siege

PROEM: I posted this over on Anchor Rising, but it’s clearly a matter of interest to Dust in the Light’s audience, and it’s short enough that I thought I’d just copy the whole thing here. Having read “Hendricken administrator arrested…

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