Re x 3: And Never Shall They Meet

Yikes, let’s clarify this misunderstanding, quick! Upon re-reading my hasty post, I see that I sacrificed clarity for brevity. I in no way intended to imply that Justin was “complaining.” I meant that by my posting on the subject, I didn’t want “the reader” to think we were going to dwell on this all day in the sort of blogosphere navel gazing that can happen from time to time. I knew Justin was being tongue in cheek, I just didn’t make that clear. So, I thank you for your indulgence as I continue to practice my writing here in real time.

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Justin Katz
19 years ago

I knew you knew. I wanted to clarify in part because tone can get lost in online blurbs, particularly for unfamiliar readers. More, though, I wanted the excuse to make some additional points… without seeming like I was complaining. (Ah, the trickiness of personal expression.)

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