Fear of the Paraethical

A familiar refrain from Harry Staley of the Rhode Island Shoreline Coalition:

Why am I concerned? Why can’t I be like those Rhode Islanders who embrace this state’s special brand of ethical conduct?
Unfortunately, I was taught, albeit in other states, that the very perception of wrongdoing or improper influence by those granted the public trust — particularly those in the judicial system — was the quintessential “no-no.” Apparently, not in Rhode Island! Not for us the ethical standards of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Holmes, Brandeis or Cardozo. Our leaders know better how to take care of us — or is it how to take us?

Kinda makes you wonder if the state’s politics ought to be on the list of items that all real estate agents must divulge to prospective buyers. (Hey, they have to mention any possible paranormal activity.)

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