Small Ethics Issues vs. Big Ethics Issues

William Harris of Barrington proves that I’m not alone in seeing a bit of nitpicking in the ethics charges against Governor Carcieri:

A more cynical analysis might conclude that it is an example of a state body hounding the governor to accomplish partisan objectives.
While I support the goals of ethics reform, I believe it would be well for the Ethics Commission (and The Journal) to keep the dimensions of these alleged lapses in perspective. We are fortunate to have a governor who brings substantial integrity, intellect and energy to the task of getting things back on track in Rhode Island. This nitpicking is an unnecessary distraction.

Trying to learn about the Rhode Island political labyrinth, one continually finds whole areas in need of thorough research. People — myself included — just don’t have that kind of time. Perhaps if they persist in being unafraid to turn impressions into questions, reform can advance without each citizen’s having to become an expert on local government.

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