Thwarting Ideological Compromise in Connecticut

The Family Institute of Connecticut notes an interesting development on the same-sex marriage front in that state:

Even Rep. Staples and the Courant are beginning to realize that Love Makes a Family is an extremist organization. But they should not be surprised by LMF’s position. It follows naturally from the group’s misreading of Connecticut public opinion on same-sex “marriage.” Pro same-sex “marriage” legislators and the Courant are aghast at LMF’s “all or nothing” push for same-sex “marriage” because they are slightly more tethered to reality. LMF, on the other hand, may really believe its own spin about the fictional “Planet Connecticut,” a land where an “enlightened” majority favors same-sex “marriage.”
If so, Connecticut’s pro same-sex “marriage” media establishment bears some of the blame. Today’s Courant piece, for instance, uncritically touts a UConn poll purporting to show that a majority of state residents favor civil unions and a plurality favors same-sex “marriage.”

LMF’s ardent persistence continues the lesson that the various rebel civil servants around the country imparted when they shrugged at the law and began handing out marriage licenses: the prudent and practical among same-sex marriage’s supporters aren’t really spokesmen for their cause. This applies to their ability to fairly negotiate (for lack of a more appropriate term) at each stage of the society-wide debate, and it applies to the amount that the other side ought to take them as representative.

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18 years ago

well, love’em or hate’em, LMF was wildly more successful in CT than the Family Institute could ever hope to be. The civil union bill sets the stage for civil marriage to happen between same-sex couples…and it will happen soon.
A good example of the family institute’s poor planning? A rally against the civil union bill – AFTER it had already passed…but i guess they had to plan it for a Sunday so that they could bus people directly from church – otherwise, no one would show up. Certainly, people on the LMF side didn’t bother with a presence – they had already won.
The family institute is beginning to look like a bunch of bigots who, despite their money and loud voice, rarely gets anything done. Maybe the South would be more receptive?

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