Victor Davis Hanson on Today’s America

The March 14, 2005 edition of the Weekly Standard includes an article entitled “The Sage of Fresno: Victor Davis Hanson, down on the farm.”
Here is an excerpt:

Hanson places much of the blame for this decay on America’s elites, who he says have fostered a cult of post-modernism, identity politics, and affirmative action – or, as he puts it, “diversity without standards.” As a classicist, he sees this as nothing less than a renunciation of the intellectual tradition bequeathed by the Greeks.
“Multiculturism, in preference to a multiracial embrace of Western culture, has become what pulp was in the 1950’s,” he tells me…”Plato told us this was inevitable: The more you embrace a state-mandated egalitarianism for its own sake and radical democracy,…the more you will be driven to the common denominator of a therapeutic, happy-go-lucky culture, simple stories, low-brow entertainment, minimal expectations – rather than the hard work of using education to uplift the majority.”

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