A teacher reads to children

Maybe we should try for a more-empathetic political atmosphere.

By Justin Katz | January 13, 2023 |

Somewhere or other in my social media flow, I recently came across the outrage of a moment, wherein a director of communications for a school district jumped in to halt a Dr. Seuss reading that had prompted discussion of America’s racial past: The assistant director of communications for Olentangy Local School District abruptly stopped the…

Liquid pouring into an invisible glass

Who Can Claim Cooperation as a Core Value

By Justin Katz | December 29, 2022 |

Whether Western Civilization is fundamentally build on a principle of cooperation is a fundamental philosophical dividing line in our current politics.

A water drop and ripples

When the mainstream thinks they’re counterculturalists…

By Justin Katz | December 19, 2022 |

This tweet from local left-wing writer Phil Eil, quoting WPRO journalist Steve Klamkin, is some months old, but it’s still worth a head-shaking ponder: Is it possible that progressives don’t recognize that their co-ideologues are the ones forbidding a counterculture from forming because they’re in power and don’t want alternative views to be heard?  Is…

A water drop and ripples

Ethan Shorey is inspiring a short story.

By Justin Katz | December 6, 2022 |

Something about a pair of tweets from Valley Breeze editor Ethan Shorey feels like inspiration for a short story (or maybe a poem): The journalist is quietly sitting out there in the community, reporting to his 6,657 followers in a judgmental way about what somebody is saying to somebody else within his hearing.  That person may never…

Sunset pictures of two biplanes

Mysteries of the Sky

By John Loughlin | December 3, 2022 |

Richard Gillespie, executive director of, speaks with John about Amelia Earhart and other aircraft mysteries.

Framing for a circular window

Gratuitous detail and the human touch are the keys to great architecture.

By Justin Katz | November 25, 2022 |

Ed Driscoll points to a great post by Scott Alexander that investigates the aesthetic gap between the classic and the modern.  Alexander starts with architecture and a “conspiracy theory”: Imagine a postapocalyptic world. Beside the ruined buildings of our own civilization – St. Peter’s Basilica, the Taj Mahal, those really great Art Deco skyscrapers –…

A cat man plays accordion

Bartholomew’s cat-trans stance is typical of backwards progressives.

By Justin Katz | October 27, 2022 |

Clearing out the links I’ve put aside, I came across a tweet that Bill Bartholomew sent out with a clip of himself on A Lively Experiment in early September, and he makes a point that’s still worth considering, related to stories around that time that schools were accommodating students who’d declared themselves to identify as cats:…

A confused girl

We’re watching our children be messed up in real time.

By Justin Katz | October 14, 2022 |

The Rhode Island Department of Health’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey is beginning to capture the ways in which we’re sowing confusion and discord among our children.

Lizzo is the perfect illustration of the dishonest game being played.

By Justin Katz | September 29, 2022 |

We can have honest discussions about propriety and the conflicting emotional reactions people have to public images, but the strange controversy over pop-star Lizzo’s playing an historic flute of James Madison’s is a great illustration of the dishonesty of mainstream progressive rhetoric. It is as clear as a crystal instrument that the mainstream isn’t interested…

Racial conflict fist as a green light

Elorza’s reparations head fake is telling.

By Justin Katz | August 24, 2022 |

Although families and individuals who can show a direct link to harm by a specific government entity should, of course, have recourse, the idea that a city, state, or country should broadly atone for the sins of the people who used to live there is wrong-headed even in concept — more so in a churning,…