Questions get complex when you upend social (and biological) fundamentals.

This video of a police interaction with a young couple entered my awareness at a moment of reduced willpower, so I watched it.  Although it escalates from a towed car to an arrest and flirts with even more-dangerous outcome, the entire twenty minutes is primarily a display of young adults, feeling their economic oats, whose lessons on responding to the world were… incomplete.

One twist occurred to me, though, related to police protocol.  The arresting officer was male, so when he arrested the female, he placed her in his car and then called for a female officer to drive to the scene and search her.  What is the woke thinking on such things?  What if the second officer weren’t biologically female, but only identified as a woman?  Once this question lands on the table, things we’ve been able to take for granted become murky.  Why do we think a female should be more comfortable with another female touching her body?  If the woman objected to an officer who only identified as a woman touching her, would that be reasonable?  Could adding these variables escalate such tense interactions to the next level?

Progressives deny it explicitly, but there is wisdom in things people just feel to be right and proper.

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