Keep an eye on the progress of violence.

Note something about the riotous behavior reaching American campuses, as Ted Gehring spotlights, here:

GehringTed: UCLA out of control tonight. I don’t know. Maybe USC and Texas were right to clamp down to some extent. UCLA has really let things get out of hand.

The last go-round of riots took place mostly in urban areas, this one has been on campuses. Granted that they’re often in urban areas, but their attack on colleges seems like the revolutionaries’ taking another step.  One or two more and they’ll be in the suburbs.

This isn’t to say that people in the cities should be expected to put up with this stuff while those in the suburbs should not.  (This stuff shouldn’t be happening at all.)  Still, I haven’t seen much consideration of the value to a society of having enclaves and a path to greater calm and order.  Instead, we get so bogged down in superficial arguments about class and race that we risk losing sight of underlying factors that make our society as dynamic as it is.

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