A water drop and ripples

Social justice wokism is a means for elite self-righteousness.

By Justin Katz | June 14, 2022 |

To live in the shoreline suburbs of Rhode Island is periodically to encounter raw evidence that progressivism has gained its purchase here, at least in part, as a way for some of the most privileged people in human history to feel themselves even more superior while assuaging their own guilt by accusing those who are…

Bill Bartholomew GenZ boot tweet

Bartholomew’s role in RI media feels like an early hint of the Cultural Revolution.

By Justin Katz | June 2, 2022 |

For the elimination of doubt, I don’t mean to evoke Americans’ historic appreciation of the concept of revolution.  I mean to warn of the actual possibility of something like this: Some 1.5 million people were killed during the Cultural Revolution, and millions of others suffered imprisonment, seizure of property, torture or general humiliation. The dark…

The entrance to the Graduate Center Bar at Brown University

Brown University teaches aristocrats how to enforce their privilege.

By Justin Katz | May 23, 2022 |

There is no question that this young man, who is apparently on his way to a cushy six-figure job in the near future, has learned how to leverage his power and privilege to muster a defense of his personal honor: The Graduate Center Bar apologized on April 27 for removing three black students who were…

The Barrington School Committee

Will growing parent dissatisfaction make a difference in Barrington?

By Justin Katz | May 12, 2022 |

Barrington resident William Jacobson has an update on his Legal Insurrection site about the growing pushback of parents against the school department’s decision to reduce academic opportunities for advanced students.  The content is somewhat encouraging.  Jacobson notes the national attention the story is attracting, provides video from a school committee meeting that shows more than the…

A child with hands over face.

Kids don’t overcome trans indoctrination in a few years.

By Justin Katz | May 7, 2022 |

For the growing “our elites are insane” file, WPRI gives this propagandistic headline to an AP article: “Early transgender identity tends to endure, study suggests.”  See, the editor is implying, it’s not just a faddish thing that fades quickly.  But think objectively about what precisely the study found: The research involved 317 youngsters who were 3…

Governor Dan McKee and Sgt. Pete Philomena

Politics This Week with John DePetro: Hiding the Pol

By Justin Katz | May 2, 2022 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the political stories of the week.

Boy in a library

The Left has no credibility to argue against censorship anymore.

By Justin Katz | April 21, 2022 |

A theme of progressive politics is coming into sharp clarity, exposing how the ideology brings about totalitarian ends while using the language of freedom, democracy, individualism, civil rights, and so on.  Many on the right have observed that the progressive dictionary is simply different from standard English — they use words to mean things that…

Barrington High School

Yay! Barrington has introduced a new acronym to the scam of destroying education.

By Justin Katz | March 31, 2022 |

We hear that “parents [in Barrington] are really upset,” but they’re not nearly upset enough. 

Child being grabbed by monsters

Beware parents; Leftists warn about what they intend to do… like taking your children.

By Justin Katz | March 30, 2022 |

Sometimes it isn’t clear whether progressive activists are warning about what they genuinely believe their nemeses will do or explaining what they will do once they have the power.  Such is the case, here: “When we react to [legislation in Florida],” Equality Florida Nadine Smith apparently tells Disney employees in a virtual meeting, according to a…

A Providence neighborhood at night

Realization of the progressive dream of banning single-family zoning would be devastating.

By Justin Katz | March 24, 2022 |

More frequently than I liked, during my years reading the thousands of bills submitted in the Rhode Island General Assembly each year, I’d come across one that made me wonder how anybody could submit such a thing.  Legislators couldn’t truly be representative of their constituents if they were expected to be the uber academics we…