Look, Democrats’ view of the family is no secret.

I’ve been pondering Joe Biden’s stated belief that Americans have no standing to complain about illegal immigrants’ raping American women because we rape our own brothers and sisters in the home.  It’s tempting to hope he’s just a rambling old man who can no longer construct coherent thoughts (whatever that might mean for the fact that he’s also in charge of the most powerful government in human history), but recalling this recent poll, I’m not so sure he isn’t representative of his party:

benshapiro: You missed the most important one: only 19 percent of Democrats think prioritizing marriage and children makes society better off. Which is totally insane.

The thing is, even rambling old men tend to stay within the boundaries of what they think constitutes a reasonable point for their audience.  Whether they’re responding to their own dysfunctional experience or the false reality into which they’ve been indoctrinated, Democrats have become the antifamily party.  Many disagree, no doubt, and many more will change with the wind of social change, but that’s a defining theme of the party.

Faced with a movement that is so self-hating and intrinsically destructive of a healthy society, Americans should wipe them out, politically, from the top of the ballot to the bottom.

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