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State laws on self defense

Rhode Islanders have to run away from danger.

By Justin Katz | April 21, 2021 |

Eugene Volokh has posted a quick updated review of state laws concerning when residents have a right to use deadly force to defend themselves.  And wouldn’t you know it, Rhode Island is one of only twelve states that fall in the “duty to retreat” category.  The rest of the states are some variation of “stand…

United Way RI tweet on Chauvin case

Justice is supposed to be about the facts of the case.

By Justin Katz | April 21, 2021 |

We agree on the rules and the process, in light of inalienable rights, and justice is the result.  If the system manifestly is not producing justice, then we adjust the rules and the process.  But the process cannot simply be a show we put on to give the impression of rules. That is the context…

Ted Nesi Puts In Perspective Mike Riley’s Remarks

By Monique Chartier | April 7, 2013 |

With reference to the (regrettable) comments that Mike Riley made to the police on that Fateful Night, WPRI’s Ted Nesi tweeted a couple of days ago, Riley’s comments are still no match for Senator Ciccone’s immortal words, “You think you got pension problems now?”… No match, indeed. (For those who might have missed it,…

Late Addition: Bills on Requiring Armed Guards at Schools to be Heard Today

By Carroll Andrew Morse | February 28, 2013 |

A bill (H5068) requiring cities and towns to post an armed guard at every school in Rhode Island was posted Tuesday for a House Municipal Government hearing today. Here’s the complete text: The school committees of various cities, towns, and school districts, shall appoint a guard to each school building within their jurisdiction. The guard…

Getting Past Cicilline Spin on Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization

By Marc Comtois | October 5, 2012 |

This afternoon, WPRO’s Dan Yorke has taken the Doherty campaign to task (again, hey, it’s a day that ends in “y”) for not being clear on why Doherty supposedly opposes the Violence Against Women Act that is currently stalled in Congress. In truth, there are two versions of the act and Doherty supports the House…

09/14/12 – Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito – Roger Williams Law School

By Justin Katz | September 14, 2012 |

Justin writes live from a “fireside chat” with Supreme Court Justice Alito at Roger Williams University. Continue reading on the Ocean State Current…

Mistaking Community Self-Protection with Street Justice

By Justin Katz | August 3, 2012 |

Fresh on the heals of more murders in one Providence neighborhood, residents in another provided an example of one way to cut down on crime: The suspects fled empty-handed from the house … and found a gathering crowd, said Randy Figueroa, 20, one of the neighbors. One of the suspects pulled out a gun and…

Legalize It

By Patrick Laverty | June 6, 2012 |

First, let me get this off my chest. Decriminalize and legalize are not the same thing. I’ve seen numerous news reports talking about how the General Assembly voted to legalize marijuana yesterday. That’s not true. They voted to decriminalize it. Think of it this way, if you park your car next to a fire hydrant,…

Ciccone Re Ruggerio: Do You Know Who He Is???

By Monique Chartier | March 31, 2012 |

“Do you know who I am???” That bullying, boastful phrase made famous by Moe Greene and sometimes uttered by politicians and the famous when they get in a jam. After hearing a full accounting of the arrest of Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio (D) for allegedly DUI, some of us were left slightly wanting (and…

One Lesson From the Police Raid on Kim Dotcom’s Place: Always Ask to See the Search Warrant

By Monique Chartier | March 25, 2012 |

… thought possibly it only applies in New Zealand as I could not imagine any American police force being stupid enough to do this. Kim Dotcom, the notorious founder of MegaUpload and one of the most-wanted alleged copyright infringers in the world, may get all his stuff back from police after a judge ruled that…

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