Chanting murder in another language is cheating…

… but it’s illustrative, at MIT:TaliaKhan_MIT: Translated and subtitled at 
@MIT — calls to murder Zionists and martyr oneself for the cause of destroying Israel.

I should note from the replies to the tweet that some people are contesting the translation, saying it’s “death to Zionism,” not “Zionists,” which supposedly makes all the difference.  On the other hand, some commenters say the chant references “Jews” in places where the translation says “Zionists.”

I’m not sure that the “Zionism” and “Zionists” distinction is as significant as defenders claim, given the fact the chant also refers to “martyrs.”  Nonetheless, the salient point is that so many young adults in America are chanting along not knowing whether it’s “Zionism,” “Zionists,” “Jews,” or whatever.

So much of young activism, these days, seems draped in this sort of ignorance.  The different language only puts an exclamation point on it.

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