Enough Already!

This report is simply over-the-top and contributes to the ongoing destruction of civil society in America:

Hollywood once again jumps into bitter DC politics when an episode of NBC’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent suggests a judge killer would wear a ‘Tom DeLay’ T-Shirt!
The House Majority Leader plans a letter of protest later this afternoon…
In the season finale, Detectives Goren and Eames suspect an imprisoned white supremacist is behind the shootings of a judge’s family, but their investigation widens when an appellate judge is later murdered…
ADA RON CARVER (COURTNEY B. VANCE) : An african-american judge, an appellate court judge, no less.
MAN: Chief of DS is setting up a task force. People are talking about multiple assassination teams.
DET. ALEX EAMES (KATHRYN ERBE): Looks like the same shooters. CSU found the slug in a post, matched it to the one that killed Judge Barton. Maybe we should put out an APB for somebody in a Tom DeLay T-Shirt.

This is simply and utterly unacceptable, polarizing behavior. Another example of Hollywood’s total disconnection from reality and the Left’s willingness to stoop to any low level to trash those who don’t agree with its secular fundamentalist political agenda.
As a conservative who has publicly criticized Tom DeLay here and here, my loud exclaim is: Enough already! Our country is too great to deserve this kind of demeaning behavior.

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