Frog-Marching Liberal Democracy Around the Globe… Successfully?

Rod Dreher’s latest addition to the conservative-ire-at-Bush line of commentaries has made an appearance on Anchor Rising, so I thought I’d mention that I’ve contemplated part of it further in a post over on Dust in the Light:

Dreher, it seemed to me, began to drift not long after he made the leap from displaced red-stater-in-NY working for National Review to editorial writer and columnist for the mainstream media down in the Great Red Yonder. He’s still to be counted among conservatives, without doubt, and fairness requires that I admit to not reading him much anymore.
Still, “rolling disaster” is a strong and unambiguous characterization of the war, and I wonder whether being steeped in media that “harp on the negative and pessimistic” explains the ease with which Dreher bowls it out.

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