Storm Clouds Brewing on the Horizon

What a delight to read Andrew’s posting about freedom of speech bursting forth in the town of Coventry!
And what concern all of us should have as we read his posting about potential government regulations which seek to squash the fundamental American right to speak our minds. Here are some earlier postings on this important issue:
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Why We Blog
I don’t know a single American politician today who says we should have opposed funding fax machines for Solidarity nearly 25 years ago in Communist Poland, thereby providing the oppressed Polish people with a way to get the truth out to other freedom-loving people around the world.
Now ask yourself this question: If lifting restrictions on the speech of the Polish people was okay then, why are some of today’s politicians in America voting against ensuring a similar lack of restrictions on our speech by opposing the Online Freedom of Speech Act?
To reinforce Andrew’s concern, read the postings again in the category of Rhode Island Politics and ask yourself if our state would be better off with citizens knowing less about all those issues.

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