Civil Liberties

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Hey! Maybe the solution for health care staff shortage is more mandates!

By Justin Katz | November 18, 2021 |

Problems with Rhode Island’s health care industry indicate an across-the-board failure of government management.  Remember when they shut down our economy to avoid overwhelming our medical infrastructure?  Well, that move — and all that came after it — may be resulting in a much more intractable, longer-term failure. Want to count the ways? One. Staff at…

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The parental-rights narrative is always being framed.

By Justin Katz | November 18, 2021 |

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it characterized as “doubling down” before when a party to a lawsuit has appealed to a higher court, but here’s Sarah Doiron on WPRI: Several parents who are challenging the state’s school mask mandate are doubling down on their efforts by appealing a Rhode Island Superior Court judge’s…

A ring of doctors and nurses

Taking on Health and the World

By John Loughlin | November 13, 2021 |

Dr. Tim Shafman on lung cancer, Dr. Stephen Skoly on vaccine mandate harm, Laurie Gaddis Barrett on the school mask mandate lawsuit, and Major Wayne Morse.

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Yes, the motivation for disclaiming natural immunity is a puzzle.

By Justin Katz | November 12, 2021 |

Roger Simon asks Republican Congresswoman (and pharmacist) Diana Harshbarger a question pondered often in this space: So she was a perfect person to ask why she thought the Democrats—aka “The Party of Science,” or so our learned president tells us—ignores natural immunity in favor of taking a militant stand on mandates. Rep. Harshbarger’s reply: “When it…

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How can any organization not be free to take beliefs into account when hiring senior management?

By Justin Katz | November 6, 2021 |

Some news stories, even ones where “my side” wins, so to speak, gives me a how-did-we-get-to-this-place headache.  The somewhat autonomous British island of Guernsey nearly passed an anti-discrimination law that would have forced all organizations, including Catholic schools, to ignore their belief systems when hiring employees, even in leadership positions.  Even local Protestants spoke up…

A Waterfire performer

Fighting Wars Against Everything from Cancer to Economic Ignorance

By John Loughlin | October 30, 2021 |

Dr. Tim Shafman discusses breast cancer in women and men, Ed Cabral announces a special Waterfire to honor veterans, Attorney Mark Smith talks about the Second Amendment, and former Trump White House economic advisor Peter Navarro presents his new book.

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Christian movies fully engage the politics of the culture war.

By Justin Katz | October 25, 2021 |

I’ve got to admit this trailer got me amped to see the movie, even though I had no idea this series was up to its fourth movie.

Edwin Lord Mills A Royal Procession

Politics This Week with John DePetro: Hints of Where the Left Government Is Headed

By Justin Katz | October 25, 2021 |

John and Justin discuss hints and tells in the political news that indicate the future for which RI Democrats are hoping.

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Referring civil rights violations against January 6 defendants to the U.S. attorney general is a joke.

By Justin Katz | October 25, 2021 |

I mean, come on: “It’s clear to me the civil rights of the defendant were violated by the D.C. Department of Corrections,” Lamberth said. “I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6 defendant or not.” More importantly, the contempt order also directed the Clerk of the D.C. district court to transmit the order…

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Three types of rights cast a shadow on RI’s current situation.

By Justin Katz | October 22, 2021 |

Locally, the Rhode Island opposition (such as it is) is grappling with the shifting ground of our rights. Presumably, for example, parents have a right to send their children to schools that do not provide pornographic material to them and to demand a reversal via school committee meetings when that reasonable expectation is not met. …

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