Forced integration is not the way to solve segregated outcomes.

The problem at the heart of well-meaning progressive policies is that they tend to ignore second-order effects.  They want outcome X, so they push policy U and ignore that side-effects V and W also happen, and consequences Y and Z might not prove desirable.  Housing mandates, for example, require on their face that we cede the principle that government can mandate housing design from the top down and forbid Americans from cooperating to design neighborhoods that are structurally to their liking.  Structurally, mind you; I’m not talking about the people who might buy the available houses.

That’s my concern with this idea:

gspeng: I was bussed in elementary & HS. It sucked. The best way to desegregate schools is to desegregate housing. To desegregate housing, we should build housing for all incomes in all neighborhoods. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

The solution isn’t mandates; it’s opportunity.  Freedom is a great leveling force, and it was working in America until progressives got impatient and gave a power that is obviously intended to prove insufficient until it is absolutely total.

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