A water drop and ripples

When profiling claims another victim.

By Justin Katz | September 16, 2021 |

Michael Morse tells a cute story about how he used his one phone call from prison to explain to his future wife why he had missed their date.  Before going on read how he tells it and come back.  Here’s the summary with the key details for this post. Morse was racially profiled as some…

Mary Brimer on State of the State

State of the State: Critical Race Theory, Part 3

By Justin Katz | September 8, 2021 |

North Kingstown Councilwoman Mary Brimer joins Richard August to discuss racism and critical race theory (CRT) in North Kingstown.

"Injustice Won't Be Postponed" sign

Investigating critical race theory in schools is like tugging on a thread into a murky cave.

By Justin Katz | August 31, 2021 |

Nicole Solas has been going through the results of her famous APRA requests and posting choice bits on social media.  Yesterday, for example, she posted a description of “readiness courses” offered by the state to help students make up for COVID-shutdown learning losses.  Here’s the key part of the description: The Readiness courses use student-centered…

Are COVID increases evidence of illegal immigration?

By Justin Katz | August 11, 2021 |

We should not scapegoat groups of people or assume we know the explanation for complex trends, but it is impossible for the public to be informed about important topics if nobody is willing to ask uncomfortable questions.

NEA-RI logo overshadows South Kingstown schools logo

The NEA suing Nicole Solas to stop records releases has a few intriguing possibilities.

By Justin Katz | August 9, 2021 |

William Jacobson is on to something when he suggests, on Legal Insurrection, that the National Education Association of Rhode Island’s lawsuit to stop release of public records in Rhode Island “smells collusive”: Whether there was “collusion” in the sense of active cooperation or not, I can imagine a scenario in which there is no real dispute…

An old, rusty chain

CRT education is preparation to unite us all in chains.

By Justin Katz | August 5, 2021 |

This portion of Ramona Bessinger’s experience with the shift toward critical race theory (CRT) in Providence Public Schools may be the most fundamental to danger the ideology actually represents: What saddened me most was that I would not be teaching the Holocaust any longer. The Holocaust unit included one of the following: either Anne Frank,…

Richard August and Ramona Bessinger

State of the State: Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

By Richard August | August 3, 2021 |

The state takeover of Providence public schools injected critical race theory into the school system, and Middle School Teacher Ramona Bessinger says it’s undermining the school community.

Construction workers reviewing a site

Expensive Statistical Analysis Doesn’t Justify the Systemic Discrimination of the State

By Justin Katz | July 30, 2021 |

Introducing discrimination into state contracting based on “equity” demands will create dreams deferred.

DARE logo

We have to be aware of the narrative involved in the Providence car chase controversy.

By Justin Katz | July 27, 2021 |

John DePetro has some details about the Providence police’s car chase of a BMW with three teens shooting BB guns out the windows: Following this incident, the Providence Police began reviewing the circumstances of the arrest of one of the vehicle’s occupants, including any injuries sustained and the use of force involved. Late last week,…

Hasbro building on a red sky

At this point, just assume that every company and organization is out to indoctrinate your children.

By Justin Katz | July 23, 2021 |

In recent years, one worrisome question as political stories have unfolded has been:  Where are the whistleblowers? James O’Keefe has found another one for Project Veritas.  David Johnson is a packaging contractor with Rhode Island–based toy company Hasbro, who is also a Black man, and couldn’t watch the company go down the path of using packaging…

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