The Smithians do what Marxists promise, including on race.

For several reasons (voluntary and not-so-voluntary), I’ve been digging into Marxism a bit more over the past year.  I mean both ol’ Marx himself and his followers, up to modern practitioners.  One point that has come home very strongly is that the ideal that Marxists sell is actually the end toward which a system built on free markets and political liberty draws us.  The difference is that Marxists want a short-term dictatorship so they can be sure the result conforms with their own prejudices.

This general observation applies to turbulent questions of race, too. Consider:

In his new book The Real Race Revolutionaries (December 2022), Ortiz, a long-time advocate for small business owners and their employees in the US, argues that the government policies that are ostensibly intended to equalize economic outcomes between the white majority and minority groups in America have actually had the opposite effect.

What our society faces is the classic difference between an approach built on assertions of intent and one built on incentives and results.  Results are better.

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CC Reed
CC Reed
1 year ago

For a Christian perspective on Marx’s religion of revolution, the late historian Gary North is indispensable.

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