The ACLU of Colorado has reached the point of psychosis.

That’s the only explanation for this sort of thing:

ACLUofColorado: BREAKING: We’re suing Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO) after they refused to provide top surgery for our 18-year-old transgender plaintiff — all while doing the same surgeries for cisgender patients.

This is discrimination — full stop.


The activist-lawyers at the ACLU would have us believe that they are so blinkered by ideology that they can’t see a distinction between a children’s hospital removing unhealthy breast tissue to stop cancer and removing healthy breasts for cosmetic reasons under the assertion that it will help relieve a mental illness.

Pay attention, by the way, to the “full stop” language, which I’ve seen with increasing frequency from trans activists.  We should be concerned that this petulant insistence that disagreeing is simply not acceptable has contributed to the increase in violent attacks from transgenders.

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