A masked man shushes

A blackout seems to be in place for talk of natural immunity.

By Justin Katz | September 22, 2021 |

Musing about the Nicki Minaj/COVID vaccine kerfuffle, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds writes: So for the record, I’m not particularly concerned with the safety of the vaccines. The Insta-Daughter even took part in one of the clinical trials. But I am particularly concerned with the government-fostered bullying and intimidation aimed at anyone who doesn’t follow the party line. If Nicki…

A water drop and ripples

Odd how the politics of Democrats tend to harm minorities.

By Justin Katz | September 21, 2021 |

As Glenn Reynolds points out on Instapundit: Yes, we’re told it’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but the unvaccinated are disproportionately black. They’re disproportionately in hospitals and ICUs, and they’re disproportionately dying, and they’re disproportionately affected by the Democrats’ playing politics with antibody treatments. And, of course, they’re disproportionately affected by Democrat-backed vaccine-passport requirements. If you’re…

Dan McKee gets vaccinated

On COVID, why can’t we just say, “Our work is done?”

By Justin Katz | September 21, 2021 |

Although skepticism about Frank Luntz is certainly justified, and although one might worry that the governor gets his news from CNN, it’s encouraging to read that Dan McKee is thinking in these terms: As McKee spokesman Matt Sheaff tells the story: The governor heard Luntz on CNN “talking about … work he was doing with…

A soldier signals to hold

Dr. Tim Shafman on Oncology and Erik Wallin on Operation Stand Down

By John Loughlin | September 18, 2021 |

Two interviews from today’s John Loughlin Show on WPRO.

Man in PPE

Natural immunity is better, but not as much as Bostom says.

By Justin Katz | September 17, 2021 |

Once again, Andrew Bostom overstates his case on COVID, but making an attempt to come up with better estimates raises the question of why government is responding with the heavy hand that it’s using.

A water drop and ripples

A NY judge has halted healthcare worker vaccine mandates in that state.

By Justin Katz | September 15, 2021 |

At least the Northeast isn’t completely gone.  Particularly encouraging, here, is how deeply the lawsuit is framed in terms of our complete loss of rights under perpetual “emergency” declarations.

Luca Signorelli, The Preaching of the Antichrist

A new-media climate change propaganda video shows the direction of vaccine mandates.

By Justin Katz | September 14, 2021 |

Writing for Accuracy in Media, I note how similarly NowThis (an online video news source with deep Democrat ties) frames its climate-change alarmism to Biden’s vaccine mandate language on the same day: What makes this different from the typical cynical exploitation of disaster by climate alarmists is that NowThis released its video on the very same day…

Image of COVID as planet Earth

Bostom’s COVID numbers are interesting, even if he misrepresents them.

By Justin Katz | September 14, 2021 |

The risks of COVID vaccines do justify objections to vaccine mandates, particularly among those who’ve already had the virus, but vaccines do appear to improve outcomes regardless.

A water drop and ripples

Read the last paragraph first in mainstream stories about anti-vax tragedies.

By Justin Katz | September 13, 2021 |

The story of Ray DeMonia is floating around social media.  The short version is that the Alabama man had a heart attack, but it took so long for his family to find a hospital with a cardiac ICU bed (because they were all occupied by people who hadn’t gotten the COVID vaccine) that he died.…

Sign reading "You'll Get It Eventually"

Politics This Week with John DePetro: Open Questions About Mysterious Decisions

By Justin Katz | September 13, 2021 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz talk about inexplicable decisions being made in Rhode Island government and media.

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