Sen. Kerry, Thank You

Sen. Kerry, thank you for keeping such a high profile. Whether it be instigating a doomed-to-fail filibuster of Justice Alito from the slopes of a Swiss ski resort or claiming that “53 percent of our children don’t graduate from high school” or “The average American struggles to find time to take care of families, working two or three jobs… ” (emphasis mine), you make it easy for us to point out the intellectual bankruptcy of so many on the Left. On the face of it, no one can possibly believe that less than half of our students graduate from high school. Also, as an “average American” who happens to know a lot of other “average Americans,” I can tell you that none work “two or three jobs” to make ends meet. But that’s OK, such incessant carping reveals your politics-of-demogoguery for what it is. Thanks! (Oh, and please do run for President in 2008.)

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