A Note of Praise for Senator Chafee

After a session of yesterday’s Senate wiretap hearings, Paul Mirengoff of Power Line asked a couple of tough questions to Senators Edward Kennedy and Richard Durbin. Rather than answering the questions, Senator Durbin responded by asking who Mirengeroff was working for. Pajamas Media has the video, Stephen Spruiell has a transcript. I’d be remiss if I didn’t let the blogosphere know that not all elected officeholders share Senator Durbin’s attitude.
A few weeks ago, I attended a press briefing following Senator Lincoln Chafee’s meeting with Rhode Islanders for Judge Alito (here is the post that resulted). The “press pool” turned out to be rather small, a reporter from the Projo and myself.
I identified myself as being from a local political weblog called Anchor Rising. I am not sure if the Senator and his staff were familiar with Anchor Rising’s content, but whatever the answer, no one questioned my credentials or my right to be there and Senator Chafee answered the two questions I asked with the same seriousness he afforded the questions asked by the professional journalist in attendance.
I hope that more of our elected officials follow Senator Chafee’s example in this matter and find a way to welcome new media into the means they use to keep the public informed.

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Joe Mahn
Joe Mahn
18 years ago

Funny, he will talk to you but won’t debate Laffey.
He’s a used car salesman. If he can spin it his way he does. If he has a challenger he doesn’t show up.
I appreciate your point of view. Our elected officials should always present their positions to the press. The sad thing is when Chafee speaks I get more confused. I don’t think that’s how is’t supposed to work.
J Mahn

18 years ago

I’m glad that Chafee gave you respect…and the Durbin thing is funny, but not unexpected.
Another quick note on Chafee. I saw a poll from the Taubman Center today that shows while he’s not our favorite guy, Chafee’s the only one who can keep the seat in Republican hands…
He’s beating Whitehouse 40-34 and Brown 38-36, while Laffey trails Whitehouse 44 to 29 and even worse to Brown, 47 to 24.
I don’t agree with Chafee on a lot of things, but I think I would agree with Brown and Whitehouse on even fewer…and it looks like either of those guys would clean Laffey’s clock.

18 years ago

Red State has a discussion of that poll…looks like Chafee has his defenders over there.

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