Democrats to Blacks: You Cannot Leave Our Plantation

During the Chafee-Laffey campaign, this blog site was highly critical of the heavy-handed tactics of the National Republican Senate Committee.
Now the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee deserves its own public spanking for their actions described in Democrats set to air ads in bid to derail Steele:

Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele’s assertive campaign for U.S. Senate since the Sept. 12 primary has prompted national Democrats to start running attack ads sooner than they had planned.
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee originally bought $1 million worth of TV time for the two weeks leading up to the Nov. 7 general election, then decided to start running ads Tuesday, according to the Steele campaign.
“This is a clear indication of the national Democratic Party bosses’ scramble to maintain control over Maryland,” said Michael Leavitt, campaign manager for Mr. Steele, a Republican…
Mr. Steele, the first black person elected to statewide office in Maryland, says the Democrats’ strategy against him was revealed as early as last spring when an internal party memo was leaked to the press.
The memo called Mr. Steele, 47, a “unique threat” to black voters’ loyalty to Democrats and advised Maryland Democrats to begin a “persuasion campaign … as soon as possible to discredit Steele as a viable candidate for the community.”
“Connecting Steele to national Republicans … can turn Steele into a typical Republican in the eyes of voters, as opposed to an African American candidate,” the memo stated.
Mr. Steele also points to the illegal theft of his credit report by a Democratic committee staffer a year ago, before he had declared his candidacy. The staffer pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in federal court and was sentenced to community service.
“The fact that they had to steal it speaks to the fear that they have of my campaign,” Mr. Steele said recently. “Quite frankly, the only way they think they can beat me is to, as they said in their own memo, denigrate and demonize me.”…
The latest Steele TV ad, in which Mr. Steele warns voters that critics will go as far as accusing him of not liking puppies is intended to blunt the effect of such criticisms and images.
“Soon your TV will be jammed with negative ads from the Washington crowd — grainy pictures and spooky music saying ‘Steele hates puppies’ and worse,” Mr. Steele says in the ad. He then pauses and says playfully, “For the record, I love puppies.”…
The Steele campaign has also criticized Mr. Cardin after a staffer was discovered Sept. 15 to have posted racist and anti-Semitic comments on an online blog. The unidentified staffer has since been fired.

Can’t you just imagine a conversation like this among the Democratic senators in Washington:

“We cannot let a black Republican into the Senate. It could be the first step toward us losing our monopoly on the black vote in America. By the way, can we wrap this conversation up now? I have to go to the Senate floor and vote against the latest school choice bill for inner city children in Washington, D.C. and then attend a school function for my daughter at St. Albans.”


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17 years ago

Maybe at some point the black community will wise up and realize that the Democrats only show up in their neighborhoods when there’s an election coming up.
Fifty years of lip service from the party that tried to block desegregation.

Tom W
Tom W
17 years ago

>>Maybe at some point the black community will wise up and realize that the Democrats only show up in their neighborhoods when there’s an election coming up. Fifty years of lip service from the party that tried to block desegregation.
Even at fifty years, it may be quite a while yet.
We’ve had Democrat control of this state for seventy years, and the record for at least the last two generations has been:
1) A NATIONAL reputation for corruption (and well deserved);
2) One of the worst business climates in the country, coupled with some of the most generous welfare benefits in the country, resulting in …
An economy characterized by welfare recipients moving in (to obtain their kind of suitable “employment) and college graduates (unable to find suitable employment) moving out;
3) Terrible public schools (thanks to Democrat fealty to the teachers unions); and
4) Some of the highest taxes in the country (thanks to Democrat fealty to PUBLIC SECTOR unions).
Yet we still keep overwhelmingly electing Democrats because “they’re the party of ‘working families!'”

17 years ago

Many years ago, the GOP was the party of blacks…at least until the civil rights era and Nixon’s Southern strategy. Democrats too often take black votes for granted…but conservatives often use fear of blacks to pander to “the base.”

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