Bill Harsch on What Can Be Done About the Station Fire, From This Point Onward

Bill Harsch, Republican candidate for Attorney General, has sent out a letter detailing actions he would take if elected with regards to The Station fire…

  • A complete review of the original state criminal case as well as the indictment and prosecution of all parties including town officials responsible for the events of February 20 , 2003;
  • The initiation of criminal prosecutions in conjunction with the US Attorney targeting those parties responsible for the violation of the guaranteed civil rights of the Station Fire victims [including the right to equitable enforcement of all public safety laws];
  • A reform of a broken plea bargain system which now favors who a perpetrator of crime knows rather than being based on what he or she has done wrong.
In his letter, Mr. Harsch tackles the question of “politicizing the death of the Station Fire victims” head-on…
In writing this letter I will surely be accused of politicizing the death of the Station Fire victims. To the extent that my voicing of what the law demands of the Attorney General’s office will draw fire from those believing that the Station Fire prosecution is a closed subject, I will gladly take such risk knowing that your Attorney General must demonstrate leadership and competency in the quest to provide justice and protection for all Rhode Island citizens.
I am tired of being a victim of the continued incompetency and mismanagement of the Attorney General’s Office – to the extent I know that most Rhode Islanders feel as I do – I believe the time for change is now.

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17 years ago

I just saw the political ad placed forth by Bill Harsch using the Station Night Club fire…I am completly disgusted! While I would not vote for Patrick Lynch I now have no desire to vote for Harsch as well. When is enough going to be enough within political campaigning??????????????

17 years ago

I can not believe that you are using the Station Fire in your politcal race. It makes me sick to think that someone could use this tragedy for political gain. I lost friends in that fire that night it really pisses me off that you are using this in an election race. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should pull that ad from TV as soon as possible. I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror everday because I could not if I were in your shoes. I still can not believe that politics just reached a new, all time low in mud slinging.

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