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The Lynch/Darigan Inconsistency Continues

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 31, 2006 | Comments Off on The Lynch/Darigan Inconsistency Continues

In today’s edition, the Projo runs its dueling articles on Patrick Lynch and Bill Harsch, this year’s candidates for Rhode Island Attorney General. Though other issues are discussed, each aricle devotes an ample amount of space to the Station fire and the Derderian trial. On its face, Attorney General Lynch’s description of the events leading…

Bill Harsch on What Can Be Done About the Station Fire, From This Point Onward

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 25, 2006 |

Bill Harsch, Republican candidate for Attorney General, has sent out a letter detailing actions he would take if elected with regards to The Station fire…A complete review of the original state criminal case as well as the indictment and prosecution of all parties including town officials responsible for the events of February 20 , 2003;The…

The Harsch Anti-Corruption Plan

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 19, 2006 | Comments Off on The Harsch Anti-Corruption Plan

Republican candidate for Attorney General William Harsch has released his four-point plan for attacking public corruption if elected Attorney General… The formation of a Public Corruption Unit within the Attorney General’s Office. Stiffer penalties for public officials convicted in corruption cases. Creation of a Joint Commission on Election Fraud with the Secretary of State’s Office.…

Harsch to Board of Elections: Lynch’s Campaign Finance Reports are Incomplete

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 19, 2006 |

According to Edward Fitzpatrick in the Projo, Attorney General Candidate Bill Harsch has complained to the state Board of Elections about incomplete campaign finance reports filed by current Attorney General Patrick Lynch…J. William W. Harsch, the Republican candidate for attorney general, yesterday sent a complaint to the state Board of Elections, accusing Democratic Attorney General…

Harsch and Lynch Agree on Three Debates

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 16, 2006 |

According to Edward Fitzpatrick in today’s Projo, Attorney General Candidates Patrick Lynch and Bill Harsch have agreed upon a schedule of three debates…Friday, October 20, WPRO-AM (The Dan Yorke Show)Sunday, October 22, WPRI-TV (CBS 12)Sunday, November 5, WJAR-TV (NBC 10)

What the Heck…Even More Poll Numbers!

By Marc Comtois | September 19, 2006 |

(Heads Up–or Nota Bene for the cultured sort–Andrew and I were obviously working the same story and posted them within 1 minute of each other. This proves we Anchor Rising Contributors don’t collude!!!! I kept my post up because of the wonderfully witty and pithy observations….but I did truncate most of it to the “extended”…

DuPont Explains Its Side, Sort Of

By Carroll Andrew Morse | August 18, 2006 |

I know there’s no way to explain anything comprehensively in the “letter to the editor” format. Still, Thomas Sager‘s letter in today’s Projo concerning the questionable charitable contributions made by DuPont as part of the Rhode Island lead paint case leaves a significant gap in the story. Mr. Sager, the chief litigation counsel for DuPont,…

Another Suspicious Lead Paint Relationship is Revealed

By Carroll Andrew Morse | August 3, 2006 |

Michelle Smith of the Associated Press (via Boston.com) is reporting on yet another suspicious insider relationship related to DuPont’s release from liability in the Rhode Island lead paint case…When the state dropped DuPont Co. from its sweeping lawsuit against former makers of lead paint last year, one of the terms was that DuPont would donate…

Who Was Supposed to Benefit from the DuPont Lead Paint Settlement?

By Carroll Andrew Morse | July 28, 2006 |

There is a new development in the Rhode Island lead paint case. Last summer, Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch dropped DuPont as a defendant in the case in return for DuPont agreeing to donate $12,500,000 to various charities. However, not all of the charities involved in the DuPont “understanding” (DuPont doesn’t want it called…

Bill Harsch: “In the absence of an effective Attorney General�I am taking the initiative to argue for a reduction in Rhode Island�s soaring electricity rates in front of the Public Utilities Commission”

By Carroll Andrew Morse | June 26, 2006 |

Suppose the electric company offered you a rate cut. Would you answer…“Yes, I’ll take it”, or“No thank you, I’d prefer that my rates be stable instead of low”.Bill Harsch, candidate for Rhode Island Attorney General, wants you to know that this question is not a hypothetical one, because the State of Rhode Island has determined…