What the Heck…Even More Poll Numbers!

(Heads Up–or Nota Bene for the cultured sort–Andrew and I were obviously working the same story and posted them within 1 minute of each other. This proves we Anchor Rising Contributors don’t collude!!!! I kept my post up because of the wonderfully witty and pithy observations….but I did truncate most of it to the “extended” section.)
As noted in the comments to my earlier “poll post” {and Andrew’s new post–MAC} a new Brown poll (Darrell West) is out, with some encouraging numbers for both Governor Carcieri and Senator Chafee.

Carcieri (R) – 50%
Fogarty (D) – 38%
U.S. Senate
Whitehouse (D) – 40%
Chafee (R) – 39%
Undecided – 21 %
Note: The sample was 578 likely voters taken from September 16-18 (over the weekend) and has a margin of error of +/- 4%.
Editorial note: First, notice how this poll was taken (responsibly, imo) a few days after the contentious primary. Second, it’s my strictly anecdotal understanding that polls that sample over the weekend favor Democrats. Third, there can be no doubt in which direction these two races are trending as the average voter starts paying attention: toward the incumbents.
Now, for some numbers regarding other races of import:
Lieutenant Governor
Roberts (D) – 34%
Centracchio (R) – 30%
Healey (CM) – 11%
Undecided – 25%
Attorney General
Lynch (D) – 57%
Harsch (R) – 24%
Secretary of State
Stenhouse (R) – 35%
Mollis (D) – 30%
Undecided – 35%
Caprio (D) – 43%
Lyon (R) – 18%
Undecided – 39%
Congress (RI-2)
Langevin (D) – 60%
Driver (I) – 21%
Undecided – 19%
Congress (RI-1)
Kennedy (D) – 60%
Scott (R) – 25%
Undecided – 15%
Casino Amendment
Oppose – 55%
Approve – 36
Undecided – 9%
Note: Of these, according to West, 66%:

…think there should be competitive bidding on the right to operate a gambling casino in West Warwick, while 27 percent do not.
When asked their thoughts about this casino, 75 percent claim it would result in people betting money they can’t afford to bet, 61 percent feel it would boost tourism in the state, 60 percent believe it would create more gambling addicts, 59 percent it would create meaningful jobs, 55 percent feel it would reduce revenues the state gets from gaming at Lincoln Park and Newport Grand, 47 percent think it would benefit the Rhode Island economy, 51 percent say it would increase crime rates, 42 percent think it would raise the level of organized crime activity in the state, 39 percent believe it would help reduce taxes, and 36 percent say it would harm the hotel and entertainment industry in Providence.

Hmmmm. Methinks Harrah’s has just increased their advertising budget for the next few weeks.

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17 years ago

While I find it encouraging that, to this point, most people are not fooled by the lies being put forth by Harrah’s and the Indians as to the tax relief this casino will provide, it remains to be seen if people stay focused on just what a scam this casino is. For instance, never does Harrah’s or the Indians talk about the money the state will have to make up to Lincoln and Newport when they fall short due to the success of this casino if it were built. There is no doubt the casino would suck the money right out of Lincoln and Newport. And then what are we left with? At best, a zero sum game, where the money the state gets goes right to Newport and Lincoln to make up for their losses. Then we are left with no property tax relief and all the social costs of a casino, with no money to address them.
This casino is the biggest special interest insider scam going, and everybody know it – especially the Indians and Harrah’s. But hey, as long as they get theirs what do they care?

17 years ago

” … the money the state will have to make up to Lincoln and Newport when they fall short due to the success of this casino if it were built.”
It was surprising and notably irresponsible that the General Assembly did this a couple of years ago, knowing full well that a casino referendum in some form was headed to the voters.
And yes, this arrangement has not been well publicized. Certainly Harrahs will not do so.
“But it’s not just that. Two gargantuan welfare recipients will be added to the state rolls.”

17 years ago

“But it’s not just that…”
Still nobody has made public where the WATER will come from for the casino.
Or the police.
Or the fire protection.
Or how we’ll get down Bald Hill Road with all the added traffic.
We’re supposed to ‘trust’ the assembly to take care of this AFTER we vote for it?!
How friggin stupid are the people in this state that the polls don’t show 90% of them against this?

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