RI Congress ’06

One for the Underdog�

By Carroll Andrew Morse | November 6, 2006 |

According to a campaign press release, Repulbican Jon Scott has received the endorsement from the Newport Daily News for Rhode Island’s first-district Congressional seat (original item not available online)…The newspaper’s Editorial Board met with all of the candidates in early October and put them through an interview process which focused on Aquidneck Island issues, though…

Kennedy versus Scott: Let’s go to the Tape…

By Carroll Andrew Morse | November 3, 2006 |

Take incumbency, a famous family name, and better hair out of the equation. Then, based on the arguments they make and the positions they present, decide which of these two gentlemen you would rather have representing you when it counts…Choice K (as in Kennedy), orChoice S (as in Scott).

What the Heck…Even More Poll Numbers!

By Marc Comtois | September 19, 2006 |

(Heads Up–or Nota Bene for the cultured sort–Andrew and I were obviously working the same story and posted them within 1 minute of each other. This proves we Anchor Rising Contributors don’t collude!!!! I kept my post up because of the wonderfully witty and pithy observations….but I did truncate most of it to the “extended”…

Patrick Kennedy Won’t Fight For You

By Carroll Andrew Morse | September 15, 2006 |

Congressman Patrick Kennedy ends his first TV ad saying that he “will never stop fighting for you”. But here are two areas where he has already stopped, or perhaps never started, fighting for his constituents. They are both related to votes taken just yesterday…Congressman Kennedy will not fight for America’s border security. The Congressman voted…

Jon Scott’s Open Letter to the Blogosphere

By Carroll Andrew Morse | September 15, 2006 |

Jon Scott, Patrick Kennedy’s Republican challenger in Rhode Island’s first district, sent Anchor Rising “an open letter to the blogosphere” this morning, eloquently asking for your support… Jon Scott: I have been following recent posts with great interest and, although I am not very knowledgeable about blogs, I know enough to understand that we need…

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