A Statehouse Christmas — or is that a Statehouse Holiday Celebration?

And while we’re on the subject of Christmas-themed posts, Jim Baron of the Pawtucket Times says if you’re going to put a Christmas tree up at the statehouse, then call it a Christmas tree. I couldn’t possbily add anything to Mr. Baron’s final line…

It was quite a sight watching the lighting of the official Statehouse Christmas tree last Frid…
Oops, no, it wasn’t the official Statehouse Christmas tree, according to the governor’s office. It wasn’t a Christmas tree at all. It was a holiday tree.
A holiday tree? What the hell is a holiday tree?
A holiday tree is a bit of yuletide political correctness designed to let one eat one’s cake and have it, too.
We get into this silly folderol every year, squabbling about Christmas and its secular versus religious connotations, so there is no need to rehash the whole argument here….
But golly gosh, if you are going to have a big decorated tree in the middle of the building at Christmas, you should at least have the gumption to call it a Christmas tree.
Then again, denying the obvious is something governments do all the time. Chalk it up to force of habit.

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17 years ago

Just one more sign that Don left his testicles in his other pants this term.

17 years ago

Relax Greg!

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