“And now, who has won?”

With the intention of making reservations, I GoodSearched my way to Trinity Brewhouse’s Web site, last night, but what I found there gave me reservations. I can only assert that I’m wary of slipping into the role of easily offended Catholic Christian, and my literary and artistic background gives me wide latitude to excuse, on grounds of merit, that which might otherwise be offensive.
But still, there’s a boundary at which I must acknowledge that, if I truly believe what I profess to believe, then such casual mockery of Christian ideas and symbolism cannot be casually shrugged off as clever marketing. Even before I was a Christian, as an intellectual, I would have insisted that ideas matter — that attitude toward others’ beliefs matters — and so I sought to pursue the capitalist’s protest of bringing my business elsewhere.
My inclination to do no more than quietly shift plans was a function of my charitable interpretation that the pub’s management had merely gone too far with a name that, as a corporate release states, “came directly from their proximity to the nationally renowned Trinity Repertory Company located next door,” which derived its own name from the United Methodist Church in which it began performances. But I put quietude aside when serendipity brought the following Catholic League news release to my emailbox:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on an event that is sure to rile most Catholics:
“Roger Limoges, who works for the notoriously anti-Catholic front group Catholics for a Free Choice, will be speaking this evening at Trinity Brewhouse in Providence, Rhode Island. The event is billed as a party that ‘welcomes Catholics to a free choice celebration marking the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.’ It is strange enough that only Catholics are invited to this event, but what is most disturbing is the fact that the owner of the pub, Joshua Miller, is a state senator. On the Trinity website is a picture of the Last Supper with various American celebrities substituting for Christ and the apostles.
“Anyone who would throw a party celebrating the right to kill babies is bad enough, but when Catholics are invited to attend an event that features a speaker from an anti-Catholic organization, a line of decency has been crossed. That a sitting state senator would host such a party is even sicker.

No doubt many who live in Cranston — the city formerly governed by Mayor Stephen Laffey, conservatives’ great hope to unseat the liberal Republican Linc Chafee — and Warwick were unaware that they had voted for this Sweeney Todd of the Providence dining scene. No doubt many others — and many of the establishment’s patrons — just don’t care.
Be that as it may, I make this public service announcement: Thanks to Senator Miller, the Providence Trinity moniker is no longer a parochial example of Christianity’s quiet role in contemporary New England, but rather, it is another instance of mockery thereof in the service of the Church of the Left.

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17 years ago

Josh Miller should wear the ire of the Bill Donohues of the world like a badge of honor. If Donohue wants to call out the attack dogs against a freshman senator from Rhode Island, then to quote the leader of the free world, bring it on.

Tim J.
17 years ago

Donohue should be proud. Amanda Marcotte credits him with getting her canned from Edwards campaign.
No, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he knows a rank anti-Catholic bigot when he smells one.
Or two.

17 years ago

This heathen agrees with Justin. The event is over the line; the Last Supper “portrait” on their webpage is disrespectful of all Christian denominations.
Secondly, there are certain parameters that constitute the Catholic faith. For example, you can’t support abortion and be a Catholic. The name of the organization, “Catholics for a Free Choice”, is a nullity.

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