Ocean State Blogger–The Return

After a 10 month hiatus, I decided to slap a new coat of paint on my ol’ Ocean State Blogger site and bring her back, but with a new mission. Originally, OSB was my solo blog in which I posted about things in much the same way I do here at Anchor Rising. The new OSB will be a blog about “things that make me go hmmm” (to quote Will Smith–yikes.) What does that mean? Well, think a really obvious rip-off of this guy, and you’ve got it figured out. The primary goal is personal–I want a web-based suppository of all of the things that have heretofore resided in a “Raw Material” bookmark on my browser. In essence, I’m going to live-blog the creation of my own topic-based research library. If you’re into that, feel free to stop by.

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