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Change the fate of our state with Anchor Rising support!

By Justin Katz | July 23, 2021 |

News across Rhode Island — related to state and local government, the news media, social developments, and more — has a consistent underlying theme:  Our state has taken a bad turn, and those striving to correct it are struggling to gain a foothold. We can save the Ocean State!  People still have their consciences and…

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Thanks for the shout-out, Professor Reynolds!

By Justin Katz | April 23, 2021 |

It’s hard to believe we’ve all been at this for about twenty years, now.  Many of us owe that unexpected blessing to the influence of Glenn Reynolds’s Instapundit.  Let’s hope the social media disruption of blogging is coming to an end, or at least reaching a renegotiated balance, bringing us back to our founding ideals…

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Time-Travel Alert

By Justin Katz | April 18, 2021 |

If you’re scrolling through Anchor Rising’s Quick Reads, we should alert you to the fact that the next post (that is the prior one in time) will bring you all the way back to 2013. See this post for an explanation.

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Solo on the Web, Again

By Justin Katz | April 18, 2021 | is live on its home address once again, and we can’t wait to help dislodge Rhode Island from its perilous predicament. But we need your help!

Together Again for the First Time

By Justin Katz | April 22, 2013 |

The title of this post is a phrase that’s struck me as peculiar ever since I first spotted it on a comic book that had found its way into my childhood collection, somehow. Does it indicate that it was the second time the two characters had been together? Or had they been together in some…

Joyeuse Fête de la Saint-Patrick!

By Marc Comtois | March 17, 2013 |

Why the French? Because I’m the great-great grandson of a girl from County Clare whose family immigrated to Quebec instead of America! On the other hand, my wife’s family came over from Cork straight to Boston….So Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Merry Christmas!

By Carroll Andrew Morse | December 25, 2012 |

From St. Anthony’s Church; North Providence, Rhode Island, in the 2012th year of Our Lord.


By Marc Comtois | December 24, 2012 |

Thank You Veterans

By Marc Comtois | November 11, 2012 |

This picture is a good example of why we honor our veterans. No matter what, in times when most of us would take cover, they endure out of duty, honor and for their country. Thank you.

15,000 Gasps for Air

By Justin Katz | November 8, 2012 |

The most discouraging thing about Tuesday’s election results was the totality of it. From where I sit, voters made the wrong decisions at the local level, at the state level, and at the federal level. It isn’t my purpose, here, to begin the debate about why. Suffice, for now, to say that those on the…

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