If you value what we do, we could use your help.

When I wrote this yesterday, I was speaking from personal perspective:

… the price in a transaction between two people has to account for what they both value, and sometimes price and value can be inversely related. …

The purity of [Jordan] Peterson’s currency won’t suddenly lead him to pay five times as much for things that people are willing to give him at cost because they made them for love of the craft or to hand over an equal sum to somebody who gives him a gift for love of the giving.

From its beginning nearly 20 years ago, Anchor Rising has been a mission-driven labor of love.  No matter what, it will go on in some form and at some level of effort.

That said, the Peterson conundrum mentioned above is real.  We need this — Rhode Island needs this — to become something more than a labor of love.  Because it’s a labor of love, every dollar you give us will be maximized and amplified through our efforts.

To clarify those efforts, our goal with Anchor Rising is to provide news, analysis, and perspectives that would otherwise not be voiced, but without which our state will surely fail.  We’re not here to grab eyeballs with clickbait claims.  We’re not here to jump on bandwagons because that will get us attention.  We’re fully conservative and ready to fight the Left, but we want to make sure the information and opinions you see here are substantiated and contribute to improvement of the Ocean State.

For those reasons, we need you to make the conscious decision that what we do is worth supporting for the long term.  Please consider signing up for a fully secure regular monthly subscription of $7.60.  If you’d rather make a one-time donation, or if you’d like to set up a smaller (or bigger!) regular payment, our Tip Jar will allow exactly that.  If you’re interested in advertising or some other form of relationship, our Contact Us form will make the connection.

Whatever you are able to do financially, we value you and your readership.  Just knowing that people are reading keeps us going, and if what you can do is read and share our work, that’s wonderful, and we’re grateful for the connection.  If you have the means, though, please don’t hold off on contributing, because we really could use the help.


Featured image by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash.

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