Zebra-crats: Simply Can’t Change Their Stripes

Ed Morrissey commented (via email) to Glenn Reynolds:

Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats — who ran on an anti-corruption, anti-war platform — now offer us a porked-up supplemental to fund the Iraq war?

And, also via Glenn, that noted conservative outlet USA Today joins in:

It’s hard to say which is worse: leaders offering peanuts for a vote of this magnitude, or members allowing their votes to be bought for peanuts. These provisions demean a bill that, if enacted, would affect the lives of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the balance of power in the Middle East and America’s long-term security.
The provisions also violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the new majority’s promise to cut back on “earmarks” — provisions slipped into bills that direct your tax dollars to a specific locale or politically favored project.
Last January, as soon as Democrats took control of Congress, the House passed new rules designed to curb earmarks, which had exploded under years of Republican rule. Yet here they go again…

That last bit sounds sorta Reaganesque, dontcha think?

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17 years ago

It is the frozen limit to put pork into an emergency appropriation intended for our military who are, as we speak, AT WAR.
P.S. And speaking of inappropriate, Senator Whitehouse, with all the problems we face, if all you can do is gleefully jump onto the US Attorneys firing non-scandal, please clam up and sit down.

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