Re: The Death of Edimar de Araujo

Here’s the key paragraph of Andrew’s post on the supposed traffic arrest fatality:

From what we know, anyone with Mr. Araujo’s medical condition — citizen or non-citizen — could have suffered the same unfortunate fate, if discovered to be the subject of an outstanding warrant following a traffic stop. Mr Araujo’s immigration status is only relevant to his death while in custody to the extent that the United States (or any society) enforces any system of laws at all.

As occurred to me when I first read Ms. Ziner’s piece, a bare minimum consequence of being an illegal immigrant is that one’s entire life must be lived in shadow, hiding from the law. If that basic determination is not tolerable, then borders are not tolerable.

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16 years ago

The illegals are “hiding” in broad daylight. By ignoring the problem we are making it worse. The debacle that is the follow-up reporting of this man’s demise helps legitimize all illegal immigrants. The man died in my truck. Everybody involved gave 100% in the life-saving effort. Trying to make monsters of law enforcement personell is the real crime.

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