NEA “Pay Cut” Analysis Hostage Day Count: Day 5

Still nothing from the NEA so the “pay cut” analysis hostage day count continues. Day 5 is now history.
We eagerly await a response! The offer to post it here on Anchor Rising remains open.
Here is our analysis showing there is NO “pay cut.” It even comes with spreadsheets and documented assumptions for public scrutiny!
Prove us wrong and we will admit to it. Or ‘fess up that your claim about East Greenwich teachers taking a “pay cut” is false. It is put-up-or-shut-up time.
Until we see a quantitative financial analysis response from the NEA, we will continue with daily blog posts noting that their “pay cut” analysis is being held hostage at NEARI against the wishes of East Greenwich taxpaying residents.

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16 years ago

Is it Day Five already? Goodness, the days are just flying by.

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