Republican Debate

The Republican candidates for President are debating tonight on Fox News Channel.

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16 years ago

Yeah, well . . .
Kinda watchin’ something else . . .
Why did Fox News schedule this debate against a seventh game on their main network???

16 years ago

Um, yeah. Great timing. I wonder if it’s possible to have a 0.0 Nielson rating? So, when will the Democrats be debating? Perhaps on Wednesday night? 😉

16 years ago

The timing is even worse when you consider how big the Red Sox’ following is in New Hampshire . .
And . . . I was ready to give Mitt Romney a second look when I saw him in the crowd at Fenway during one of the playoff games . . but what kind of Red Sox fan can he be if he gave up Game 7 last night and went to the debate instead . . . ? Hey, Mitt, your priorities are all out of line . .

16 years ago

Didn’t they show Christopher Dodd in the Red Sox owners box in game 6? I hope you’re not seriously considering giving Mr. “I’ll go to the mat to make sure that surveillance policy in this country is made by secret judges issuing blanket warrants” a second look now!
More seriously, the debate is getting pretty good reviews over at National Review Online, though I can’t speak directly to the topic, since I was watch ing the game.

16 years ago

Looks like McCain scored big with the line about the Woodstock museum.
It reminded me of his line from a debate in his first House race, when his opponent tried to label him as a carpetbagger. “When I think of it, the place I’ve called home longer than any other in my life is the Hanoi Hilton.”

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