From the Department of Things You Can’t Make Up

A gentleman by the name of John B. Webster has identified a line of business he thinks will be successful in Rhode Island: providing “incarceration assistance” to white collar criminals. From the Chicago Sun Times

When John B. Webster was convicted in 2001 for lying to the FBI, he lost his law license and his freedom — but gained a new career.
Webster is part of a small, specialized industry that advises white-collar criminals heading to the pen….
Webster, 48, who served 13 months for reporting a bogus death threat, has provided “incarceration assistance” to more than 40 people though his company, National Prison & Sentencing Consultants, based in Rhode Island.
I wonder what he thinks the advantages of setting up shop in the Ocean State are.

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16 years ago

RI may rank poorly in many economic and quality-of-life indices, but we’ll undoubtedly be #1 for this new industry.

brenda martin
brenda martin
16 years ago

In march of 2006, I paid Mr. John Webster fifteen hundred dollars for his consulting services. It is now Nov. 9, 2007, and he will not even return my phone calls! When I am able to “catch” him at his office he says that he will call me back in a few minutes when he have the file in front of him. I have yet to get a call from him. He is a liar and a crook. He made me believe that he would at least attempt to help my brother but all he did was cash my check and avoid my calls. Brenda Martin

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