RI Political Corruption

A water drop and ripples

Keep tabs on who gets ousted in Rhode Island government

By Justin Katz | April 23, 2024 |

Whatever one thinks of Avedisian, seeing Alviti in this picture is a reminder that state government incompetence can harm the lives of hundreds of thousands, but it’s the guy who leaves the scene of a fender bender who’s shown the door.

Bike riders storm the RI State House

Politics This Week: Political Unspeakables

By Justin Katz | April 15, 2024 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz highlight some unspeakable stories in RI.

A prison warden hides his keys behind his back during a fire

Days of Reckoning for the Salt of RI’s Earth

By Justin Katz | April 11, 2024 |

The point can’t be stressed enough that Rhode Islanders should understand the Washington Bridge debacle as a representative lesson on our state government.  For that reason, not the least, Mark Patinkin’s conversations with local affected business owners is an article to print and review periodically in the future.  Restauranteurs and venue owners bought and built…

Leader of an angry mob accuses his reflection.

Reflecting on Rhode Island’s Robbers

By Michael Chippendale | April 3, 2024 |

Representative Michael Chippendale directs Rhode Islanders’ attention to the party responsible for the Ocean State’s condition.

A healthcare panel gives thumbs down.

Politics This Week: Under Their Thumb

By Justin Katz | April 1, 2024 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz warn of growing government control and corruption.

A water drop and ripples

This should be the repeated proposition for a better future in RI.

By Justin Katz | February 21, 2024 |

The following sentiment, expressed here by a small-business owner being crushed by the Washington Bridge closure, has been expressed by people seeking to reform Rhode Island for decades, so it is encouraging to find it somewhere outside of our meetings and events: “think of how successful we could be if we weren’t having to pick…

A man in a suit holds a soccer ball decorated with dollar signs

Elaborate government investment fraud creates incentive for election fraud.

By Justin Katz | February 21, 2024 |

The latest shiny news object in Rhode Island media is the revelation that the Tidewater soccer stadium will cost Rhode Island taxpayers $132 million in order to finance $27 million of the construction costs, or $4.4 million per year for 30 years.  Grumbling is being heard from people with familiar names — “obviously these are…

Rising tide floods a city

Politics This Week: High Tide for Special Interests

By Justin Katz | February 19, 2024 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss unions, immigration, infrastructure, borrowing, and other ways special interests profit from government.

A water drop and ripples

Oh, it’s just the speaker buying votes.

By Justin Katz | February 15, 2024 |

As business-as-usual as it may be, we shouldn’t become numb to Rhode Island’s base-level corruption, as Democrat House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi demonstrates here: Charitable contributions are wonderful, but this photograph raises some questions.  Is that his official State House office?  Is that a personal check, a gift from his campaign, or a taxpayer-funded legislative grant? …

A road inspector sleeps on his car

In Rhode Island, government is a natural disaster.

By Justin Katz | February 7, 2024 |

Yes, yes, words get thrown around in state-level politics, but there’s an important lesson in East Providence City Council President Bob Rodericks’s letter asking Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee to declare a state of emergency over the closure of the Washington Bridge between East Providence and Providence: … East Providence is impacted more than any…