Sen. Whitehouse Agrees with Sen. Clinton: Give Illegals Licenses

Today the ProJo editorializes about Sen. Hillary Clinton’s illegal immigrant licensing faux pas:

The country has laws against open borders. Those who enter the United States illegally are not supposed to be given all the privileges of life in America, including benefits from the government, jobs, housing and drivers’ licenses — which can be used to cloak illegal (and possibly terrorist) activities and to undermine our democracy by voting illegally.
Senator Clinton, in her oath of office, swore to uphold the law.
If the immigration laws are not being enforced effectively, they should be changed. But in the meantime, as we see it, elected officials should not be encouraging criminal behavior and rewarding those who break existing laws.

According to Buddy and Ron, our own Senator Sheldon Whitehouse stated this past Sunday on 10 News Conference (no link to that particular show is now available HERE–thanks Tim) that he also supports giving licenses to illegal immigrants. Then again, maybe he isn’t taking a cue from Senator Clinton. Maybe he’s just following the example set by one of his supporters–Dolores Rodriguez-LaFlamme–who did what she could to provide licenses to illegal immigrants, too. But while LaFlamme’s motives were economic, Senator Whitehouse is probably just looking to do what’s right by those who elected could one day help elect him.

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16 years ago

Try going to any other country in the world and saying, “Hi! I’m here illegally. Can I have a drivers license?” Unless you had happened upon the local Dolores Rodriguez-LaFlamme (“Why yes, the fee is $3,500. Good luck on that next home invasion!”), they would either laugh you out of the building or arrest you.
Senators Whitehouse and Reed should be spending their time asking why ICE isn’t conducting more work place raids or getting updates on the construction of the border wall. It is a major violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution that they should instead be advocating for ways of making it easier for illegals to maneuver around so that they can be exploited and WE, YOUR CONSTITUANTS, Senators, can put up with lower wages and higher taxes and medical bills due to their presence. To say nothing of trivialities such as sovereignty and national security.

Ragin' Rhode Islander
Ragin' Rhode Islander
16 years ago

Well, tell it to all of the “working families” that keep voting for idiots like Whiteshoe who advocate increasing the supply of unskilled and “under the table” labor, which exerts a downward pull on “working families” income potential.
Well, tell it to all of the “disadvantaged minorities” that keep voting for idiots like Whiteshoe who advocate increasing the supply of unskilled and “under the table” labor, which displaces minority workers from the labor pool.
Dumbocrat voters deserve what they get. The problem is, the rest of us end up footing the bill for their stupidity!

16 years ago

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