The 2008 Political Season Looks to Be Fully Underway

Here’s the January calendar for the Presidential nomination process, which finally seems to have settled, from CBS News

  • The Iowa caucuses will start the nominating process on January 3.
  • Wyoming GOP county caucuses follow on January 5
  • …followed by New Hampshire on January 8
  • …and Michigan on January 15.
  • South Carolina Republicans and Nevada will vote on January 19
  • South Carolina Democrats likely will be on January 26
  • …and Florida on January 29.

But even with all of the focus on the Presidential race, a few intrepid souls are already preparing their campaigns for the Rhode Island General Assembly. Here’s Jim Haldeman (and supporter) over the Thanksgiving weekend letting South Kingstown know that he plans to run another energetic race in House District 35…


And in just a few minutes, Anchor Rising will post its interview with Jonathan Wheeler, the Republican party’s candidate in Tuesday’s General Assembly special election in Warwick…

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16 years ago

South Kingstown and Rhode Island need Jim Haldeman at the Rhode Island House.
The Democrat incumbent not only supported all of the bad government measures that have put this state where it is, he went beyond them. On the fiscal front, for example, if his voting record had been enacted, the deficit would be significantly higher even than it is. In short, the efforts of the incumbent at the G.A. have only been geared for himself and special interests.
On Jim Haldeman’s website (which doesn’t cut and paste, dammit!), Jim states that his decisions as rep will be made for the benefit of all people of District 35 and that he joins the Governor “in his effort to make Rhode Island more prosperous and competitive”.
What a refreshing change that would be, for District 35 and all around the state.

Tom W
Tom W
16 years ago

And Wheeler in Warwick.
In Newport there’s also the special election coming up. Coaty is a somewhat unknown quantity, but has to be better than any Democrat (who by definition will just be a sheeple taking orders from the leadership).
Republicans are the only hope for turning this state around; expecting the Democrats to start putting the best interests of Rhode Island ahead of the special interests would be akin expecting Enron executives to draft corporate ethics standards.

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