Rhode Island’s Literal Depressed Status

The number and kinds of lists that Rhode Island is placing near the bottom of is starting to get just plain ridiculous. Here is yet another one from an organization called Mental Health America

Using data from nationally representative surveys conducted by the United States government, Mental Health America created two different rankings of the states: one showing the state rankings of depression and one showing the state rank in terms of suicide rates.
Four different measures of depression and mental health status were used to develop one composite measure of the level of depression in a given state. The four measures were: (1) the percentage of the adult population experiencing at least one major depressive episode in the past year, (2) the percentage of the adolescent population (ages 12 to 17) experiencing at least one major depressive episode in the past year, (3) the percentage of the adult population experiencing serious psychological distress, and (4) the average number of days in the past 30 days in which the population reported that their mental health was not good….
  • (12) Vermont
  • (16) Massachusetts
  • (20) New Hampshire
  • (38) Connecticut
  • (41) Maine
  • (48) Rhode Island

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Ragin' Rhode Islander
Ragin' Rhode Islander
16 years ago

It’s always baffled me why Rhode Islanders keep reelecting the corrupt Democrat Party into power.
Finally an explanation – widespread mental illness!

16 years ago

I often hear Vermont dismissed as this dangerous bastion of liberalism. Maybe we’d all be happier there – certainly not as much organized crime, and I’d bet NPR outdraws the Green Mountain equivalent of Dan Yorke. Fewer consultants and lawyers, too.
From my visits there, Vermonters strike me as independent folk who don’t give a damn what either left ot right orthodoxy tell them to think. I’ll still pass on the granola, though.

Justin Katz
16 years ago

As a half-Vermonter, my impression is that the attitude that Rhody lauds is true of the natives, but that one of the reasons the state has become so liberal is the migration of NYC libs to the state (vaguely seeming to have started with that Baby Boom movie).
Migrating Rhode Islanders might be too much for Vermont society to bear.

16 years ago

I shared space in college with too many New Yorkers. I have some friends in that group, but the vast majority were not people I’d be too crazy about as neighbors (the pushy, superior attitude, I found, transcends ideology). Plus, I don’t think I could afford a house in a town New Yorkers have colonized.

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