One of a Kind in the East Bay

Nobody who knows him will have any difficulty picking out the quotation from Rocco DiPippo from the Sakonnet Times‘s “Who said it?” list of “memorable quotes overheard around our cities and towns in 2007”:

  1. “I even ate sugared grasshoppers at a Sportsmen’s banquet in Maine.”
  2. “I had no thoughts in my head except to kill the first guy that got into that car.”
  3. “I’m just in love with that girl and my wife is cool with it … I think.”
  4. “I know a little something about this Valentine’s Day thing. Every once in a while my wife reminds me that I have to do something.”
  5. “God, we give you thanks for both the chicken and the egg.”
  6. “I’ve seen more skin than the public toilet seat!”
  7. “Don’t ever — ever — rob a bank. I’m dead serious. Don’t even be an accessory, like driving the car.”
  8. “The wig, man. I’m sweating.”
  9. “People who hated me before are hating me now.”
  10. “When you rest, you rust.”
  11. “I annoy my boss.”
  12. “I hid under my desk. Everybody was gaping at me.”
  13. “Please don’t take the cows away.”
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