New Hampshire: McCain and Clinton

But some hows and whys are needed to understand the surprise result of the Democrat primary.
Per the Drudge Report, with 73% and 76% of precincts reporting:
McCain 36.78%
Romney 31.74%
Huckabee 11.15%
Giuliani 8.52%
Paul 7.74%
Thompson 1.19%
Clinton 39%
Obama 36%
Edwards 17%
Richardson 5%
Kucinich 1%

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13 years ago

You have a typo: Democratic primary.
It’s the Democratic Party:
And it was the Democratic Party Primary.
No biggie. But killing the “ic” makes you appear uneducated.

13 years ago

No silly rabbit, we do it very intentionally — because Democrat rhymes with words like “bureaucrat,” or just plain “RAT.” We do it to irk people like you.

13 years ago

further to Will’s point… there is nothing DemocratIC about the Democrat Party’s platform and goals.

13 years ago

and one more thing. Wikipedia is far from being an official authority. Any registered member can log in and alter the definition.

13 years ago

Thanks for the info, Jake.
In this case, it was a deliberate spelling, though it was “inspired” more by the actions of the RI state party. As George said, democratic implies acting for the people. Such a motivation has been too often absent during the decades that the RI Dem Party has been in power. Exhibit A is the state budget, not to mention the attendant tax ranking that arises from it.

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