So, Tu?

I didn’t catch the State of the Union last night, but I’ve explained, before, that I have a hard time getting riled up for state of the x speeches.
I will say that I continue to be struck by the irrational hatred of George Bush on the Left. Much of the fire, it seems to me, derives from his having twice stood in the way of Democrat rule, of destiny. No doubt Obama owes much to a nearly messianic narrative. He’ll unite the country… without compromising the liberal vision. The heavenly gates of Camelot will pour forth their glory. Rolling Stone will lie down with the Nation.
Whoever has the honor of carrying the torch for the Republicans should brace himself, if he wins the general election, for some of the most vile treatment in American political history.

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16 years ago

Here’s a rational hatred of Bush from the Right.
1. Open Borders;illegal alien children being wrongly treated as citizens by federal agencies.
2. Global expansionism-A thirst for Empire which would make Progressives like Wilson, FDR and LBJ blush.
3. Fascism at home-“Man in the iron mask” laws locking up US citizens without trial or even a lawyer “indefinitely”; warrantless bugging of US citizens every communication, including e-mails;a regime that openly tortures and murders captives-then lies to cover it up. Of course, we are comforted in knowing that these fascist laws will “never” be taken up and used against their very proponents by a Clinton II administration.
4. Complete submission to the racist apartheid regime in Tel Aviv- great way to win friends and influence more terrorists. Thanks a lot neo-cons.
5. A 2 trillion dollar war while twiddling his thumbs for 8 years on solving social security-which could have been solved with that money.
6. The largest national debt and annual deficits in history. Real conservative-LOL.
7. Corruption, earmarks and the return of a Democrat Congress by a rightly disgusted public.
Quite a legacy.

16 years ago

I don’t think the ‘irrational hatred’ is limited to GWB nor limited by political party. In my view, the same hatred existed of Bill Clinton when he first became President – even before his behavior warranted it. This is the age of divisive politics. The demonization and demagoguery of the opposition is now part of the system. I think this is clearly proven by the popularity of the most divisive rhetoric from Ann Coulter, Rush and their liberal counterparts which now includes many of the MSM.
No human being can unite this country. Any politician, left or right, Democrat or Republican, should be prepared for hyperbole, rhetoric and outright dishonesty used against them.
I do think some of what Bush has endured has to do with the war in Iraq. But I don’t think it is party related and I’ve read that Tony Blair, from the most liberal party in the UK, has also endured similar vile treatment.
Such is the current stench of politics. Why anyone would put themselves through it is beyond me?

16 years ago

Listen to Limbaugh or some of the other con pundits, and McCain will find plenty of vile treatment within his own party. And there’s noithing the Democrats can do to McCain that can top what he’s dealt with from either the Viet Cong or the Bush operatives in South Carolina.
If it’s Romney, well, you reap what you sow, Willard.

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