In Defense of the Dastardly

Some will accuse me of defending the indefensible, but my piece in today’s Providence Journal argues on behalf of Governor Carcieri’s cuts to RIte Aide for illegal immigrants.
Being welcoming and compassionate is one thing, but are policies send the message far and wide that our invitation is for them to stay, and to remain under the government’s wing. As cold as it may seem to withdraw benefits from children, it only perpetuates injustice all around not to insist that our invitation is not open ended.

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Bob Washburn
Bob Washburn
16 years ago

Read Charles Krauthammer’s opinion piece today about Bill Clinton, and learn that Clinton’s singular success was ending welfare in America. I guess Charles hasn’t been to Rhode Island lately.

16 years ago

Yeah welfare was “ended” all right. A third of them went on SSI, a third got high-paying tax funded “jobs” babysitting and a third are on the 18 year per child with more money for each kid gravy train known as “child only”. Anchor Babies very welcome.
Call it the “Rhode Island Trifecta”. Thanks progressives!

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