Looking for a Good Beer?

If your looking for a good quality beer sometime over the weekend, Ian may have some pointers for you as he discusses Rhode Island’s contributions to the burgeoning craft beer movement. He also places craft beer making (and imbibing) into a wider social and cultural context:

… the craft beer movement represents meritocracy at work, since small brewers — thanks to the quality of their products and the ensuing consumer demand — are succeeding in an industry still dominated by the majors. In this respect, supporting the efforts of small brewers, even if many drinkers might not think of it just so, is a pint-sized vote for variety.

Plus it tastes good. Cheers!

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16 years ago

Figured I’d just add a few of my favorites:
The DogfishHead line Ian mentioned is phenomenal. The 90-Minute is a hop-lovers dream and my personal favorite beer of all time (I used to manage a liquor store, so I’ve tried hundreds of beers. This one is tops, hands down). They also have a good seasonal rotation and the standard line (60-Minute, Indian Brown Ale, etc.) are all excellent as well.
I also like the Newport Storm Amber and the IPA they release in the summer. I’m surprised they didn’t make the article (not that I noticed) since they are our local guys and they are very, very generous and friendly. They do a free happy hour every friday over in portsmouth/middletown (at their brewery on the island, i forget which town it falls in) and they regularly hit the bars around the state to talk beer (and the beaches to surf).
And just some quick ones w/o description:
Any Scotch Ale, but prefer McEwan’s
John Courage Amber
Sam Smith Winter Welcome
Any Rogue Brewery beer (try their Chipotle ale, it is definitely unique)
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Justin Katz
16 years ago

I’m a big fan of Victory Beer. Storm King is an excellent stout. Hopdevil and Hop Wallop answer the craving for the bitter. And Golden Monkey is a sweetly exotic treat.
They’re strong, though, so, you know, drink responsibly, as they say.

16 years ago

I like all those too. The spice in the Golden Monkey is a bit “off” for me so I wasn’t a fan, but generally they’re all good beers. I just can’t say they’re my fav’s because for about the same price as the Wallop & Devil I can get a 6-pack of Dogfish 60-minute and I think the hops in the Dogfish come through much better than the hops in the other two.
Another one I left off is the Ipswich brand. It didn’t knock me off my feet, but they have unfiltered beers that have a great taste (despite the sediment) and they even sell in the big growler. The 1722 commemorative porter was tops in that line, but I’ve only seen it once in the past few years and that was on block island for about $40/case so I declined. But its a MA brewery and an interesting drink so I recommend it as something to try.
The real problem is I have trouble finding beers I DON’T like, so I wind up with too many I DO like.

16 years ago

justin-the 90 minute is just right-but hop wallop is good plus the label looks like a take on mr.natural,an underground comic character of the 60’s and 70’s drawn by robert crumb-oskar blues old chub and skullsplitter are two really good scotch ales

16 years ago

almost forgot-trinity brew pub is owned by josh miller,right?i wouldn’t take their product if it was free nor ever patronize their business

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