A Solution for the Taking

East Providence’s Silver Spring Elementary School parent teacher club ought to make its letters available to citizens for use in other municipalities:

[Club president Tracy] McCaughey and others met with City Manager Richard Brown and Schools Supt. Jacqueline Forbes earlier this month. The city leaders allegedly confirmed one or more school closings is a “very really possibility” as well as the elimination of sports. …
McCaughey said Brown also allegedly told her and club co-president Missy Andrade that “if all city employees [municipal, police, fire and teachers] agreed to a 20-percent cost share of their health insurance and gave back this year’s raises, the deficit would be completely wiped out and [would] put the city in very good shape for next year.”
The group has drafted letters for parents to send to the representatives of the local teachers’ union as well as the General Assembly in preparation for tonight’s gathering. One form letter is addressed to Rep. Steven M. Costantino, House Finance Committee chairman. It supports passage of two proposed bills that would give financial relief to districts for their special-education costs. …
The second letter is for local teachers’ union delegates and leaders, such as union president Roberta Brady. It asks for their help in resolving the city’s “critical budget shortfall.” It says other local unions would be more willing to make similar concessions if the teachers agreed to relinquish their salary increase this year, which is why they are asking for the educators to “take the first step.”

What do you say, teachers? Lead by example?

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Richard Tuoni
16 years ago

Or you could ask, “What do you say you wealthy residents who earn two and three times the average teacher pay, why not chip in a bit more. You are in the privileged position, why not lead by example???”
Your solution seems to be to take away from the less well off so that the more well off can continue with their bloated life style. Why not give up your Mercedes for a Camry.
The money is necessary and it has to come from somewhere and you want to take away from those who have less so that those who have more can keep more.

16 years ago

I have a better idea for the residents of East Providence, Dick.

16 years ago

To OldTimeLefty,
Considering the fact that teachers’ salaries come predominately from property taxes. How do you propose raising taxes on the wealthiest without affecting everyone else?

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