Lighter than Expected

Well, the memo’s gone out. The You Tube videos are in production. The party line: McCain’s got a temper! Watch the video over on RIFuture. Watch as the Senator rips a chair right out of the floor of the bus like Sam Kinison and pins the reporter’s note-taking hand in the overhead storage compartment.
Actually, while he’s understandably a little impatient with persistent questions that he has repeatedly declined to answer to the reporter’s satisfaction, his comportment remains (though I shudder to use the word) statesmanlike. I’m no major fan of McCain’s, but really: how clear do the Progressives wish to make it that they haven’t any care whatsoever for reality? Reality is what you make it, eh guys? Repeat the line enough. Expect that many people won’t actually watch the video all the way through. Make it reality.
Well, if that’s the game, allow me to scroll down a post to Pat Crowley’s once-more-unto-the-breach speech for the Obamanation, in which he explicitly admits that he votes multiple times in a given election (emphasis added):

I would rather vote for someone I liked and not get them in then vote for someone I didn’t like and help them succeed.

See! Corruption admitted! Pass it on.

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16 years ago

I think the McCain folks would see it more as Righteous Indignation (yes, that’s spin).
I don’t see having a “temper” as being a negative, per se, so long as it is directed towards your adversaries. It seems to me that a NYT reporter would fall into that category. If anything, I think McCain might have done it deliberately to try to appeal to conservatives. We may not be enamored of McCain, but we hate the NYT.
PS Justin, good catch on “then” vs. “than.”

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
16 years ago

McCain is known for his temper and the occasional “F bomb” but it’s consistent-not like Hillary’s bizarre hysterical mood swings-let’s face it -McCain was a naval aviator-a little bit of a pissed off attitude goes with the territory-i’s a healthy release for someone who’s had to live on the edge

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